Design Blog for Online Media Productions Assignment

  • Voice recorder — We(My team and I) would encourage them to talk through their issues and struggles with being alone. The instructions would also ask them to download a few dating apps and go through the process of registering on it, and using the app and letting us know how they feel as they do so. Questions they would be asked to keep in mind are: (1) Is the user-face old-people-friendly, or is it difficult to grasp. (2) What do they like and dislike about each app? …

Tools Used: Figma, HTML, CSS, JS, Blender, Photoshop, Illustrator

Eastern Chow Website (Mobile Version)
Eastern Chow (Mobile Version) Coded in HTML, CSS & JS

Suzanne Collin’s Website

Topic Covered: The Informative Potential of Asymmetry

Topic: Pre-loading, Redirecting on Reload, Video Auto-play

Topics covered: Properties bar not showing in Illustrator

(1/2) Properties bar wasn’t showing in Illustrator

(2/2) Stuck in Outline Mode

Topic Covered: Local Server Keeps Redirecting

(1/1) Local Server Keeps Redirecting

Topics covered: The purpose and beauty in chaos

Fig. 7.1

Topics Covered: Screen-cast keys

(1/1) How to show what button I’m clicking when clicking it

Richard Ogujawa

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